10 things parents should know at the beginning of the school year.

Summer is slowly coming to an end, the new school year is about to be begin. This change opens great possibilities for students but may also cause anxiety for parents who may be enrolling their kids to school for the first time. To avoid stressful last minute rushes, here are a few tips to help you ease into the oncoming school year.

  • School Supplies – Start your back to school shopping early. Save by buying items from different stores like the Dollar store for nonspecific required items. Don’t wait until last minute when stores are packed to get what you need.
  • Uniforms & Cold weather clothes – For those who use school uniforms, gently used khakis pants can be bought 2nd hand. For embroidered shirts and jackets, buy generic ones, and take them to have logos added at stores like Uniform Source. This will definitely save you some money. Stores like Old Navy have good sales that can allow you to buy many outfits for less because they may not be available later on in the year when you need to replace used ones. Utilize end of season clearance sales to stock up for clothes to be used the following year. Anticipate growth in your child and buy a size bigger. Most shops offer discounted prices for jackets and sweaters. Burlington offers quality jackets at reasonable prices.
  • Review material – Before the last month of school opening, buy your children books to review and refresh what they learned last year in preparation for the first 2 months of review in school. Stores like Barnes and Noble provide great options. ​
  • School website – Subscribe to school newsletters or constantly check the school websites. Updates may posted over the summer for any changes or notifications in the coming school year. For new parents, be familiar with the school location and its surroundings via their website way before school starts.
  • Familiarize yourself with school guidelines – The school handbook is online and can give you the do’s and don’ts. Read through them and know what is required, especially if you are a new parent. Ensure all immunization records required are available to be taken to school.
  • Communicate with teacher – Find out if you can who your child’s teacher is in advance. Email the teacher, introduce yourself, and offer help for the in-coming year and share the excitement of your child for the new class.
  • School Calendar – Pull up the school calendar for the upcoming year, print it and organize all you family activities and vacation days around it.
  • After School Activities – Sign up for activities including After School Programs, find the costs and make sure they work with the family schedule. If you pre-order lunch, plan ahead to get it done. If you pack lunch from home, work with the kids to come up with a good one month menu that they may enjoy making.
  • Attend Open House – This is perhaps the most important meeting as parents and students get to meet with teachers. Your child gets to familiarize themselves with their new environment and get acquainted with teachers the official start of school. For students advancing into Middle or High school, this is an opportune time to have a feel of their new environment.
  • Have your last bit of fun – Give your kids one last hurrah of fun before school starts. Take them to an activity they like; go roller skating, bowling, eat ice cream, or to the movies in preparation for the busy season they will soon have.

Buckle up and get ready for another amazing year of growth and discoveries with your children!

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